They went to Italy for their honeymoon.

Jesper could've asked me first.


The house whose roof you can see over there is ours.

Starbuck has three other dogs.

The nature is very rich in Albania.

I was tired and hungry, and so was everyone else.

She speaks English as well as I do.

He couldn't bear the heat.

You're in math class.

Price has already eaten.

Article 6. The president shall preside at all meetings.


You're taking an awful risk.

I gave the book to my friend.

They parted, never to see each other again.


Elric bought a bottle of red wine.

Such behavior may bring about an accident.

We didn't have many visitors this summer.


Neville waited there.

I'll pay by Visa.

Don't lie to me.


I'd like an opportunity to explain my reasons.

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Bob hit me, not her.

Waiter needed.

Production improves by becoming more automatic.

He said, "Is somebody there?"

Reid and Arthur were both dead.

The game ended in a free-for-all.

I ran through the textbook once more before the examination.


Dori and Carol both looked busy.


He unclogged the drain.

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Starbuck isn't taller than me.

Fill her up.

Sarah seems like a good friend.

I'm not chicken.

There was no contract.

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Lance brought up the subject.

I'm not going to leave you alone with Kyle again.

We emphasized the importance of his co-operation.


We all want her to be happy.


I go very gladly to school.

Leif was thunderstruck.

They're going to find you.

This is the first time I have dug a hole in the backyard.

Ritchey has grown.

We were beside ourselves with joy.

You should have known better than to trust him.

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Tai opened the door a crack to let in some fresh air.

Gabriel bragged that he was the best player on the team.

Hughes is smarter than any other student in our class.

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The girl who's playing the piano is my sister.

Daren took another shot at the crow, but missed again.

I'd never been there.

The escaped prisoner hasn't been caught yet.

I know you can't wait.

He knows it, and he doesn't care a bit.

Do you have a vacancy?

I'll wait a day or two.

Kinch promised to clean the living room.


I've already slept this week.

Native French speakers often add spaces before punctuation in other languages even though it is usually incorrect.

Donne and Claire didn't wish to remain married to each other.

Her critique was totally inappropriate.

Has he paid back the money you lent him?


Love can't be bought.

There's always an invisible war for the future of native language.

I wanted to be him.

Are you afraid of losing your money?

She likes to take her time.

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I thought it was just going to be another boring day at school.


She was too tired to work.


Ronaldo is famous for his bicycle kick. When he does it, the fans go crazy.

I made an extra sandwich for you.

That uncle of his often visited America.


I don't know why they're doing this.


The cold winter will soon be over.


The murder case may bear a relation on his sudden death.

What are your thoughts on this?

The rooster crows, "Cock-a-doodle-doo!" in the morning.

The wifi isn't working for me.

For sure, she'll win the championship in the tournament.

He is more handsome than you think.

I'm sure Brent meant no disrespect.


I carefully explored the contract.

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My mother is said to have been beautiful when she was a girl.


It seems your only friend was Saumya.

We eat so we can live.

Is it possible to go there walking?

Can you answer that?

Somebody cut the brakes.

I'm shooting.

Denis went the wrong way.


She sang her sweet song with feeling.

I'm going with Mysore.

Janice has been accused of theft.

You sound like someone I used to know.

I should've known John wouldn't do what we asked him to do.

Make sure Jin doesn't eat any peanuts.

The airplane is ready.

It's too smoky in here for me.

Lester has a poor memory.

Barbara realized he had to tell Eddie about the time he spent in prison.

I have to lose weight.

The itching appeared several hours after eating.

I was insulted in front of other people.

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It is terrible that we have to struggle with our own government in order to save the environment.

Frances gave his mother everything he earned.

Being very rich, he thought he could do anything.

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You should buy yourself something to eat.

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The fish jumped up in the pond.

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It's impossible to change it now.


A proposal has always an introduction.

Granny is exercising.

Marci didn't want to do what Marilyn suggested.

Piercarlo has probably already mentioned that to Jesper.

The days turned into weeks, and then into months, and then into years.

Fred wrote his mother a long letter.

Would you like me to draw you a diagram?

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Teruyuki left the house shortly after Israel left.

Kinch shook his head uncomprehendingly.

There are some priorities in life.

Merry is scared of dogs.

They have taken her away.


I want to know about them.

This is the dictionary I spoke of yesterday.

Christie promised to keep me posted on developments.

I thought my son was being quite sneaky lately. Sure enough, I spotted him uploading a picture of himself cross-dressing and in makeup to a blog.

Elijah was subjected to persistent bullying and harassment at work.


In England, Labor Day is in May.

I am sure it must have slipped your memory.

Just ask them.


Linda and Jem drank beer together.


I want facts.

It was no coincidence.

If you will help me, we will soon finish.

I still can't reach Bucky.

Let's give them some privacy.

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You have no manners.


Children want to hear the same story over and over again.

I need her in my life.

Murthy is as old as my father.


Let's inquire about our hotel reservations.


Sumitro is an assistant manager at the company where Billy works.

That's rich, coming from you of all people!

What a beautiful woman she is!


The United States government operates in Washington D.C.


She reminds me of someone.

Be fair.

How are your folks?

It's good to be charitable; but to whom? That is the point.

You couldn't have done more than that.

I want you to tell me everything you know about what's happening.

He replied that he did not know.

Why don't you join our party?

You do not know anything about me.


Randall doesn't know who Marla wants to give the bottle of wine to.


The Statue of Liberty is not tired, and not because it is made of bronze.